The Patrolman’s Star




Unfortunately, my father died as a result of a 9/11 related illnesses during the year 2012, and several years ago, my mother started a group for families of NYPD Officers that died due to Post 9/11 related illnesses, from working rescue and recovery.  This group is known as HOPS: Helping Our Post 9/11 Survivors, and they can be found on FaceBook.

My mother has been quilting for over 30 years, and during 2018, I helped her devise a quilt drive, entitled the “Labor of Love Quilt Drive.”  We solicit quilters to make charity quilts for these families.  We have encountered so many generous quilters, it is simply amazing.

I started quilting after my father died.  Although I enjoy modern quilts more than any other style of quilting, I do like making traditional star quilts.   I designed the above quilt in honor of my father.  It’s called the “Patrolman’s Star.”  Currently, the pattern is sold on and for three (3) dollars.  It was made in his honor, but could be made for a patrolwoman as well! It is a fun and easy pattern to make for a relative or friend that served or is currently serving the public as a police officer.


The Heirloom Photo Journal

Over the last two years, I’ve watched YouTube videos about creating art journals. I was totally inspired and decided to create some heirloom journals.  Below are some photos of one of the three journals I made during the 2017 Christmas Holiday season.  The family members that received them were very happy with their gifts.   “Joanns” and “Michaels were my “to go” places for supplies and I became over-stimulated with all of the creative options that were readily available to be purchased.  The charms and fabrics seemed as though they were “eye-candy” that generated 10 different ideas within 2 minutes of walking around the stores. SMH.  I eventually got my ideas organized and now, I work on different projects that I enjoy, at different times.  No RUSH.  This journal was made for my mother.  She loves it and keeps it on her coffee table.  It was a labor of love, but worth it.

When the Gift of Giving Remains a Gift

SAMSUNG CSCI enjoy sewing gifts for people that deserve them.  Recently, I sewed some burp clothes for my holistic chiropractor that gave birth.  She’s very helpful and attentive when I am experiencing pain,  and I wanted to celebrate her childbirth.

Over the years, I have always been a giver; however, I will admit that my gift of giving has not always been receptive. People can be strange as well as gifts could be very subjective. Ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the receiver and people might not have value for what is being given, especially when it is handmade.  I noticed how  I experienced extremes with my gift of giving,  On the one hand, my gifts were being taken without a simple thank you or on the other hand, if they were liked, people would ask for additional gifts without considering the cost and time it took to make the gifts.

Instead of stopping my gift of giving to others [based upon my experiences], I now give with caution and my sewn gifts are very simple, neat, and usually, are given as a single gift.  In the past, I would get excited to share and make multiple gifts to give to one person; however, that behavior has been stumped but not stopped.  If additional gifts are requested, I simply say no but I do hope you enjoy what I gave.SAMSUNG CSC


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